Cheesy Hamburger Dip

I cannot believe I am sharing this recipe with you; in fact, a better title of this post would be, "The Dip I Never Thought I'd Make." This time of year our house is buzzing with football chatter, player rankings, and fantasy football teams. My husband is a football fanatic; admittedly, I didn't know how to use the clicker at our old house, and ESPN is on more often than the news. Our house stays relatively tame during the week; however, if Patrick had it his way our front door would be a revolving door from Saturday morning through Sunday evening.  I love to play hostess, but once a weekend is my max. Playing hostess one time means I can take my time with the recipes, serve something our friends will remember, and have a clean kitchen and quiet house the next day.


When game-day arrives, our friends pour in, and there is always a spread of snacks already on the counter.  My go to's include crockpot barbecue chicken, hummus + veggies, and homemade guacamole; although, the snacks are always eaten, I wanted to learn how to make a football dip. When I think game-day dip, I actually reminisce about the neighborhood childhood Christmas Caroling Party.  One of my neighbors used to bring this incredible cheesy dip to the annual holiday party.  Kids and parents alike would hover over her crockpot sneaking bites all night long. Recently I asked my mother if she thought I could ask our neighbor for the recipe, and my mother's reply was, "Google hamburger cheese dip, and see what you find." 

I have found renditions of this dip in all over the internet.  Some call it "Hissy Fit" Dip, some add cream of mushroom soup, and others include refried beans.  I chose my favorite parts of all the recipes, and toyed around with a few more healthful additions.  Today, I am sharing my recipe with you.  This is about as healthful as I could make it. 

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Carly Grace Milyo

Born in New York City,  Carly Grace grew up in Atlanta and graduated from The Westminster Schools.  Carly received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech in 2012. During her college career, Carly began practicing yoga as an escape from her intense ACC Cheerleading training. The rigor and requirements Carly upheld as an ACC athlete combined with the social expectations and action packed schedule expected of an Alpha Phi left Carly depleted both physically and mentally.  Before Carly found yoga, she used running, partying with friends, and restricting her diet to maintain a sense of control in her life. It was Carly's true desire to find more purposeful and authentic friendships and to invest her time in cultivating her greater well-being and spirituality that lead her to yoga. 

The creativity and physical challenge of yoga captivated and inspired Carly. Yoga was the first thing Carly practiced where the perfect-ten mentality was not required; in fact, perfection is the antithesis of yoga principles.  After hanging up her poms poms and retiring from her ACC Cheerleading career, Carly quickly found herself  invested in the In Balance Yoga Community in Blacksburg, VA.  With encouragement and affirmation from Studio Owner, Becky Crigger, Carly set out for New York City to train with Dana Trixie Flynn at Laughing Lotus Love Skool.

Yoga Alliance 200 E-RYT, Carly has studied and practiced with many influencers and teachers all over the United States.  Carly currently teaches Thunderbolt Power Yoga®;  a powerful alignment based vinyasa flow inspired by some of her greatest influencers including, Dana Trixie Flynn and Baron Baptiste.  Carly infuses creative ideas and sequencing into her classes. Her purpose as a teacher is to inspire people to move like themselves. Carly is committed to helping students be audaciously playful in both their practice and in their lives. 

You can catch Carly Grace teaching at her studio Thunderbolt Power Yoga, at off-site events such as the infamous FIT Yoga Series with Carly Grace at W Atl Buckhead, at music festivals, corporate conferences, and more!  Be sure to look out for Carly's quarterly Boombox Power Yoga® Class offered alongside a live DJ, accompanied by her pink boombox, and enhanced with a 16 inch disco ball. 

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