Where do doTERRA Essential Oils come from?

Learn more about the growers, distillers, scientists, and practioners involved behind the scenes. Did you know, you can look up the lot # from your oil bottle and track its chemical profile and where it came from.

What does Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade CPTG mean?

doTERRA essential oils undergo a series of 6+ tests to ensure purity while most essential oils only undergo two tests; additionally, doTERRA uses third party testing. Read more here.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program

The LRP Program is how doTERRA generously rewards you for every order you place each month with the oil of the month, points back for products, in house promotions, and your shipping costs credited back to your account.

Learn how to set yours up here,

How do you get the product of the month?

Any 125 PV (point value) order placed through the LRP (loyalty rewards program) before the 15th will get you the free oil of the month.


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