Monday, July 31st  I'll arrive at  the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, North Carolina to meet my current class of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainees - I cannot wait to see what this week ahead holds.

In a one week intensive training, I expect to see trainees manifest passion, discover strengths, and explore togetherness - an integral part of creating yoga community.  I know I will be in awe of my students, in the capacity they've shown up, and in their quest to learn and teach-  commitment is inspiring.  

This week I will enjoy the moments of vulnerability, challenge, and triumph within our group, and I assure you, I will take a few moments to sit back and watch as my students transform into incredible leaders.  

In teaching yoga, I draw inspiration from everything. My whole day gives me the content for my classes.  In observing people, moments, reactions, and relationships, II work to create a space where the world can try to slow down, to listen, to breathe, and to be present for one another.  Teacher training allows me a platform to share what I like to call;  real, raw, meaning.  It is my greatest desire to help yoga instructors find the real, raw, meaning of yoga as it relates to themselves, and to give them the tools to share through teaching. 

If you missed out - no worries! Carly Grace Power Yoga Teacher Training will begin fall 2017 from September 22nd - 30th, and continue from Oct 13th - Oct. 21st!! If you’re interested, click here to learn more on the TPY website. You can also download the free Thunderbolt Power Yoga app to stay up-to-date and sign up for classes, workshops, future teacher trainings and more!