It’s no secret that Young Living makes my absolute favorite essential oils, but I also have a favorite aromatic diffuser to share with you!


MONQ was started by Eric Fishman, a doctor who — after 25 years of practicing medicine — realized that modern medicine wasn't the answer to some of lifes medical mysteries. Dr. Fishman learned about eastern medicine in yoga teacher training, and was inspired to create a product that diffuses oils and promotes mood enhancement and health.

When I saw a MONQ diffuser for the first time, a teacher of mine had picked one up at a yoga studio on the other side of town, and she was enthusiastically telling me how amazing it made her feel; of course, I took a couple inhalations of my own — I was sold.  At the time I was dealing with a nasty cold, and would go home to drop a little peppermint and eucalyptus in the shower so I could inhale the steam. Voila, an aromatic diffuser filled with everything my body needed was now at the tips of my fingers, literally.

Stop by Thunderbolt Power Yoga, test out a few MONQ's and take home your favorite!