If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know how long I’ve loved essential oils — especially Young Living Essential Oils. Whether you need to clean a wound, uplift your spirit, or soften your cuticles, there's an oil for you.

I’ve shared some of the ways I use essential oils outside of simply diffusing them on the blog before — a DIY all-purpose cleaner, DIY bug repellant and DIY wood polish. But, there are so many more uses for them that we haven’t yet covered, and the Young Living Premium Starter Kit is a great way to explore a few.

Young Living Essential Oils

Every Premium Starter Kit includes essential oils, a diffuser, samples, and references. The kit is filled with goodies, and comes with tiny little trial bottles so you can bring your favorite essential oils with you on the go!  To be honest, when I first started using essential oils, I was beyond overwhelmed... I've put together a little starter kit challenge to help you get more familiar with oils. 

Day 1 |  Lemon - Great for flushing toxins and purifying the body. Add one drop to your water for flavor.

Day 2 |  Lavender - The ultimate relaxer. Make a pillow mist to spritz your linens before bed to help calm your body and mind before sleep.

Day 3 |  Copaiba - Helps with your immune system and bladder. Simply place one drop under your tongue.

Day 4 |  Frankincense - Great for meditation and your skin. Add straight to your skin or mix with coconut oil for a natural glow.

Day 5 |  Peppermint - The ultimate natural alarm clock. Add one drop to your palm, warm it between your hands and inhale for a quick pick-me-up.

Day 6 |  StressAway - Exactly what it sounds like. Diffuse or wear on your wrists or neck for a quick way to de-stress.

Day 7 |   PanAway - Perfect for sore muscles. Mix with a carrier oil for the ultimate massage.

Day 8 |  Thieves - An immune system sidekick. Diffuse to kill germs in your home or use to make a cleaner.

Day 9 |  Purification - The odor eliminator. Diffuse five drops after cooking something pungent.

Day 10 |  R.C. - A natural “Vick’s Vapor Rub.” Mix with carrier oil to dilute and rub on your chest to help your respiratory system.

Day 11 |  DiGize - Great for digestion. Add this to vegetable capsule with carrier oil.

Day 12 |  NingXia Red - A natural Emergen-C! Drink one packet for an immune system boost.

Interested in trying out the 12-day kit challenge? Click HERE to get started with Young Living Essential Oils.