The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, the promise of Friday night lights awaits, and the school supply aisles at Target are bare.  As you soak up the final moments of summer, take time to enjoy the hot daytime sunshine and the cool September mornings.

This morning I am sharing my September top 5 with you.  Let me know what you think of my picks, and share your favoirties in the comments below!

1.  Meddy Teddy — Did you know that September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day?  This may sound ridiculous, but I was one of those kids who played with stuffed animals way too long; in fact, I used to add toys to my little sister's Christmas list in hopes that Santa would deliver them, and we could play together. Avery is 6 ½ years younger me; needless to say, I played with stuffies and dolls well into the 4th and 5th grades.  Last summer, I was scrolling my instagram feed and I spotted the most adorable bear wearing a pair of tiny  K Deer leggings. I immediately fell in love with Meddy Teddy, direct messaging their account for more information.  A few days later my flexible stuffed friend arrived, and I began posing Meddy on my bed..  Whether you have kids, or you're still a kid at heart this little pseudo-holiday is a great excuse for you to get yourself a Meddy Teddy.  This adorable bear was made to help children become more interested in yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. While Meddy Teddy is normally in a wide legged seat with prayers hands, my husband occasionally puts him in different poses to make me smile.


2. Teeki’s Fall Prints —While you can find most of my favorite brands in the TPY studio shop, a year ago I made the decision to stop placing wholesale orders with Teeki.  When Thunderbolt opened, Teeki’s, made from recycled water bottles, were flying off the shelves; however, the production process and new pattern release lulled, and the momentum slowed.  Whenever I entertain carrying a line at TPY, I join the email list for up to date information.  Teeki made some amazing changes in their wholesale processes, and found a solution to speedier process.  We recently reordered Teeki; not only, am I stoked, but I am also sporting these gorgeous new prints from Teeki pictured above (pants) and below (entire look)! Stop by my studio and let my team show you their favorites!


3. Fresh Pressed Juice — I’m so glad that juicing has become more popular and healthy options are so accessible. But, with so many different brands, it can be hard to find one that you truly love. Luckily, I found mine at Whole Foods! When I’m not concocting my own home-made juice, my go-to lately has been this Evolution Fresh Pressed Juice.  After extensive juice research I learned, most cold-pressed juices at Whole Foods and similar stores, are processed through a secondary step called High Pressure Processing- HPP. The juice is first made on a press, then bottled, then processed. When the bottles complete HPP processing, there is almost no living microbial content. Bonus, HPP processed juices have a life of about about 30-45 days; instead of, raw juice which last only 3-5 days.

Fresh Pressed Juice.jpg

4. Farmhouse Pottery — Patrick and I added Farmhouse to our wedding registry for its old-world feel, casual look, and versatility.  Married couple Zoe and James, are Co-Founders, Parents, and Artisans of the Woodstock, Vermont company, and they believe, “through their craft and in their daily lives, they're reconnecting others to this lifestyle and defining its place in the modern day.” Farmhouse Pottery values craftsmen as the core of our communities just as I value community at the center of the yoga practice .  In addition, Farmhouse pieces are gorgeous, microwavable, and oven-safe!

Farmhouse Pottery.jpg

5. Asha Patel DesignsAsha Patel was born in London to Indian parents; however, now resides in  Atlanta, GA where her business took off.  Asha uses pieces that are symbolic in nature, but modern in design. She uses dueling materials such as edgy leather wrap bracelets  with statement gems like labradorites and moonstones.  Additionally, Asha incorporates sanskrit into her jewlery, making it the perfect choice for a yogi. I am honored to be included in her ambassador program featuring renowned yogis such as Kathryn Budig and Taylor Harkness. If you’re looking for a great gift for a yogi, check out her site — there’s something for everyone!

Use code: CARLY and check save 15% on your order.

Asha Patel Jewelry.jpg